Still want to be a model?

Do you want the opportunity to have a lot of fun, be creative, to make money?

Then get ready and focus on creating your image,

your professional portfolio and comp card, as it is your selling card.


Want To Be A Model?

Modeling is about image.

Image has a lot to do with presentation thus photography.

You need to have a critical eye when viewing your images.

Images that impress your friends usually are not what impress

potential clients or agencies. In your portfolio you will only

want the best shots so weed out the usual snapshot images and

pick only the ones that have the WOW factor.


TFP and TFCD (Time for Prints and Time For CD images)

This refers to an arrangement between a model and a photographer

where both agree to exchange their time and efforts so both can

gain experience and images for there own use.

TFP/TFCD is an economic way for a model to start and gain

experience and images or update a portfolio. At the same time

it gives the photographer an opportunity to gain experience,

images and try new equipment or techniques.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

The old adage that practice makes perfect is relative here.

Get in front of the mirror and practice poses and facial expressions.

The only way you will know what your face and body

reveal is to practice and see the results.

Learn what your face feels like when you laugh,

frown and smile. Practice poses naked or in

little clothing (like a swimsuit) in front of the mirror.

Why you ask?

The goal is to learn how to strike an attractive pose.

Hand, leg and arm position is as important to the

total pose as the actual body pose. Clothing is baggy

and has pockets that conceal legs, arms and hands.

This practice is for you to practice not only the poses

but the learn how to position your hands, arms and

legs during a pose.

Then get some practice in front of the camera.

The more you shoot the more comfortable you will

become in front of the camera. Some models are

a natural when the camera is focused on them and

others need the experience to become more relaxed

in front of the cameras revealing eye. No matter what

comfort level you are at, the more you practice

in front of the camera the better you become and

higher the level of images that will come from a shoot.



Your portfolio is the most important item as a model

you will have in selling yourself to agencies and clients.

The portfolio should be filled with photographs that show

your personality and range of looks. These images should

have what can be termed the WOW feature visually appealing

and show your incredible personality and looks.

The important thing to remember is that a portfolio with

a small number of great images is always better than a

book full of many pictures. This is a contest but it is

one judged by potential clients and agencies on quality

not quantity. Remember you want to make an impression

with images that show not only how eye-catching you are -

but how much personality you offer.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Anything worth doing should be enjoyable.

There are no guarantees in modeling and it does require hard work,

so work hard, be safe and enjoy the experience!

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